Our career opportunities

The exhibition business is all about people. Our employees bring people together and ensure that our trade fairs translate into successful experiences. They are required to work together closely, with every employee contributing their own skills and enthusiasm.


These skilled professionals are on the job every day, around the globe, in every time zone – with the single goal of staging successful trade fairs. As the business day draws to a close in Mexico City, the next project is already being planned in Hong Kong. The results can be compared with pieces created in an artisan workshop: Success comes from teamwork and can only be achieved through experience and high-quality work. And this happens at trade fairs, no matter where in the world they are located, thanks to the Messe Frankfurt promise of quality.

We want our employees to enjoy working for us and we support their professional development within our organisation. After all, one prerequisite for the future success of Messe Frankfurt is having a well-trained specialist staff.

We are an attractive employer, both in Taiwan and around the globe. And the word has spread: Messe Frankfurt currently employs around 2,450 people worldwide.

 If you are interested in working for us, please email us at: